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IBM Showcase

Information Integration and Governance

Information Integration and Governance (IIG) is a unified set of capabilities that bring together data from diverse sources for diverse targets, manage its quality, and maintain master data for multiple domains; that secure and protect data, manage it across its lifecycle, and facilitate information-based collaboration across business and technical teams. These broad capabilities help organizations increase the value of data for information-intensive projects like big data and analytics, application consolidation and retirement, security and compliance, 360° views, and many others.

IBM information integration and governance solutions use the cognitive capabilities of the IBM Watson Analytics platform to provide integrated, well-governed and trusted views of business information, allowing you to combine cognitive computing and enterprise search to explore your data while uncovering insights.

Featured Products

IBM InfoSphere Information Server (IIS)

Helps businesses understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver trusted information for critical business initiatives. It provides massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities to deliver a highly scalable and flexible integration platform that handles a variety of data volumes (big, small, and everything in between).

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM)

IBM master data management solutions provide a single, trusted view of critical business entities including customers, suppliers, products and accounts. These solutions manage your master data entities centrally, eliminating reliance on incomplete or duplicate data.

IBM InfoSphere Optim

InfoSphere Optim is a market-leader and provides the simplest, most robust solution for data lifecycle management. By managing data properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to support business goals with less risk.