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IBM announce Cognos Data Manager software withdrawal

On 13th May 2014 IBM announced a software withdrawal for IBM Cognos Data Manager. IBM will cease marketing this toolset from 30 September 2014 and withdraw support entirely from 30 September 2015. This leaves organisations currently using Data Manager considering some key questions around the options, whether to continue to use Data Manager and what that requires, or invest in migrating to a new ETL toolset such as IBM’s InfoSphere DataStage or Microsoft SSIS and which is the right choice.


No cost, independent review of your IBM Cognos Data Manager solution

EBI Solutions are a leading independent information management and analytics consultancy and an IBM accredited business partner. We have over 10 years experience and considerable expertise in deploying and supporting various ETL toolsets including IBM, Microsoft and other vendors. To help IBM customers using Data Manager answer questions concerning whether to continue with Cognos Data Manager or migrate to an alternative ETL toolset we are offering a no cost, no commitment, independent review. This will consider your current and future needs, the various options and include a report on the pro’s and con’s of each. If there is no substantial advantage to be gained by migrating then a cost effective option could be to stay on Data Manager and have EBI provide ongoing support. For more information please contact us.


How quickly do we need to act?

Cognos Data Manager software is long established, powerful, easy to maintain, up to date and virtually bug free. Two years ago it was upgraded to 64-bit, giving a big performance boost and allowing it to take advantage of larger servers and memory. As a result, even after IBM support is withdrawn, Data Manager can continue to operate effectively for many years. There is no urgency for most organisations to change their ETL toolset. Data Manager should function perfectly even when system developments are implemented.  In the unlikely event that bugs do occur IBM will fix them as long as they are reported before September 2015. If major changes are planned it will be prudent to schedule these before the support withdrawal deadline. Whilst there is plenty of time to work out the best option, organisations are wise to review their current information management and analytics system, possible future needs and decide the best ETL options for them over time. Perhaps phasing a migration to a new ETL toolset to coincide with overall business intelligence upgrade or aligned to business need changes. Here at EBI we are keen to help. To discuss our no cost independent review or your current support or migration needs please contact us.