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IBM Watson Has Landed

You know something important is happening in the world of predictive analytics applications when Big Blue announce a $1bn investment in developing and commercialising their latest technology. At the same time announcing a move to massive new, dedicated premises in New York. IBM Watson, which has been emerging on the tech landscape over the last

Variety, volume, velocity, veracity – Get ready for ‘Big Data 2.0 and 3.0’

The following are almost certainly the four most important questions every senior enterprise executive, especially CIOs and CMOs, should be asking about their big data infrastructure right now. If your answer is anything like ‘we’re working on it’, ‘not sure’, ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ then it’s probably time to act. Are we ready to handle the

IBM announce Cognos Data Manager software withdrawal

On 13th May 2014 IBM announced a software withdrawal for IBM Cognos Data Manager. IBM will cease marketing this toolset from 30th September 2014 and withdraw support entirely from 30th September 2015. Cognos Data Manager entitlements will be migrated to IBM InfoSphere DataStage Workgroup Edition as a replacement product and will continue to receive support
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