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IBM Big Data Upgrade

Upgrade to the latest IBM technologies The race is on to gain advantage from opportunities and challenges that the four Vs of Big Data (Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity) bring. You may be one of the many enterprise organisations considering investment in business intelligence technology upgrades. In which case a conversation with EBI is very

Variety, volume, velocity, veracity – Get ready for ‘Big Data 2.0 and 3.0’

The following are almost certainly the four most important questions every senior enterprise executive, especially CIOs and CMOs, should be asking about their big data infrastructure right now. If your answer is anything like ‘we’re working on it’, ‘not sure’, ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ then it’s probably time to act. Are we ready to handle the

…99, 100 – The Four Vs of Big Data are coming, are you ready or not?

Get your Enterprise Big Data system V ready. You don’t need predictive analytics to be quite certain that over the next 5 years the workload and expectations on every enterprise information management and analytics system will be many times what it is today. All of us with a serious interest in data and analytics are very aware of
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