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What is DB2 BLU Acceleration and how does it work?

IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration is a collection of technologies that are seamlessly integrated in DB2 10.5 and above, and can be used by tools such as IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS to provide ‘blazing fast performance for analytical workloads’. With queries being answered 20 or many more times faster, BLU enables instant insight using less processing resource.

IBM Watson Analytics beta goes live to the public

IBM announced today that Watson Analytics is available in beta to the general public. IBM Watson is a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive analytics service. Watson became famous for winning the US game show Jeopardy and now promises to provide businesses with instant access to powerful new predictive and visual analytic tools. Watson has the capability

IBM Bluemix is fuelling a rapid proliferation of highly innovative business applications

IBM Bluemix is the kind of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that cloud and application developers dream about but of course it’s value to enterprises is what really matters. Business and data professionals are increasingly demanding access to trusted data and effectively configured analytics through mobile and web applications. Productivity and profit focused decision-makers want highly innovative solutions for

IBM Watson Has Landed

You know something important is happening in the world of predictive analytics applications when Big Blue announce a $1bn investment in developing and commercialising their latest technology. At the same time announcing a move to massive new, dedicated premises in New York. IBM Watson, which has been emerging on the tech landscape over the last
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