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Artificial Intelligence – Our Story

“Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them” – Thomas Watson Jr. EBI Solutions was established in 2001 and since then the team have been responsible for Information Management and Analytics implementations in some of the world’s top companies. Our skills have grown as

IBM DataWorks: the key to unlocking insight from data

As Big Data projects move beyond the hype and into an age of fruition, it is becoming widely accepted that using data both internal and external to the enterprise can unlock great value in terms of understanding the past and predicting the future. Use cases vary across departments, from better understanding of your customers or

10 ways to win the ‘big data’ analytics race

Whether you prefer to call it information management and analytics, ‘big data’ or business intelligence, you are likely to be amongst the majority of fast growing and enterprise organisations who have imagined the benefits of becoming a data driven business and entered what we call ‘the big data race’   Of course it’s a race

Cognos Analytics: The next generation BI

Towards the end of last year IBM released the latest version of Cognos BI, rebranding it Cognos Analytics. Known for its enterprise scalability and trusted reporting structure, Cognos had built its name as the BI tool that companies ran their business on, but perhaps not where they would turn for building visually appealing dashboards, or

The Era of Self-Service BI

Last year, in its Predicts 2015 series Gartner published a report forecasting a power shift in data analysis away from IT and towards business, driven by the need for organisations to make business decisions based on data to win market share. The report reflects the feedback we hear from our clients; BI had once been

7 Considerations for Data Warehousing in the Cloud

We recently wrote a post about dashDB, IBM’s data warehouse in the cloud, and have had a number of questions around when to use cloud as a deployment method and what aspects to consider when making the decision. While there are many benefits to cloud data warehousing, cloud deployments may not be the best fit for all

Meet Generation D: Analytically driven organisations winning in the marketplace

Big Data has been under the spotlight for some time and it is becoming increasingly apparent that organisations recognise the opportunity it brings. As data volumes explode, businesses that can derive insight from data will make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage over their peers. In a recent report by the IBM Center for

Cloudy with a chance of insights

Most organisations have already made a significant investment in data warehousing but now face the challenge of modernising in order to incorporate new data sources or analytic capabilities. While the benefits of turning to data in order to make more informed business decisions are well understood, businesses still encounter obstacles. These most commonly include the perception of

Big insights for the smaller enterprise – PureData System for Analytics ‘Mini Appliance’, Powered by Netezza Technology

Big data for small business  Any small to medium size organisation aiming to gain more advantage from data, has to consider the class leading performance and high value of IBMs PureData System for Analytics N3001-001 (PDA). This so called PDA ‘Mini Appliance’, added to the PureData for Analytics family at the end of 2014, is purpose designed to bring enterprise class big data capabilities within reach

Is your BI application software up to date? – Improve usability, security and performance

Business needs change, technology advances and competitors catch up. The following are three issues you may be experiencing if you have outdated enterprise application software. If so, updating could be vital. Usability – improve user experience with up-to-date software and user interfaces Ensuring users can derive the most value from your application is dependent on how effectively it
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