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What will you achieve with IBM Watson cognitive computing?

In early February IBM claimed that since Watsons beta launch in December over 6,000 applications had already been built infused with Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities’.

Even before beta launch there was an almost constant stream of news about IBM’s own tests and how Watson applications are being used in health, medicine and education. The rapidly growing list of Watson applications includes:

  • Customer service – Watson enables representatives to answer customer questions more effectively.
  • Dermatology treatment – Watson helps doctors by answering medical questions at the point of care.
  • Cancer care – nurses are using Watson for guidance in decisions for lung cancer treatment and oncologists are using it to create treatment options for patients with glioblastoma, a malignant brain cancer.
  • Financial advice – Watson offers hypotheses and helps make decisions about investment choices, trading patterns and risk management.
  • Hospital follow up – A team of students created a Watson application to conduct better follow up with patients after they leave hospital.
  • Patent search – Undergraduates are developing a Watson based solution to search for patent overlaps quicker and more thoroughly.
  • Chef – Watson is helping to cook up recipes that have never been thought of before.
  • Veterinarian – An IBM Watson application makes recommendations to help make decisions about animal health and treatment.

Clearly Watson is helping to achieve things that simply weren’t possible before. Organisations and developers are constantly imagining more ways to harness the power of Watson applications to their advantage.

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