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Integrate leading off-the-shelf technologies with bespoke applications to optimise your advantage.

Create an innovative, totally reliable and ultimately powerful bespoke information management and analytics solution aligned perfectly to the way your organisation works and thinks.

IBM Cognos Analytics

With IBM Cognos seamlessly integrated into your information management and analytics solution you are assured you have the best, most flexible, secure and robust platform available.

The EBI team have been working with Cognos since 1995, embracing and implementing all the IBM developments over nearly two decades. Gaining unrivalled experience in maximising products for individuals, workgroups, departments, mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

EBI will recommend and implement the perfect mix of IBM Cognos technologies to optimise your investment. These can be combined with bespoke applications where required, to deliver maximum advantage from your solution.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage

DataStage is a powerful and scalable ETL platform that uses high performance parallel processing to collect, transform and integrate high volumes of data, across a multitude of sources and targets, on demand.

Its ease of use makes building, deploying, updating and managing any data integration solution simple. Other features include support for big data, including Hadoop, and the capability to prioritise tasks and optimise hardware use. DataStage, along with its InfoSphere siblings, also facilitates extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity.

EBI experts deploy, migrate and adapt IBM DataStage to optimise performance and business value.


Combine, compare and manipulate multiple data feeds to discover new insights and even confidently predict the outcomes of future actions.

IBM SPSS is a powerful yet simple to use predictive analytics software interface. The industry benchmark. Integrated into your solution it will learn constantly and provide ever more reliable statistics. Alternatively it can be used from the desktop to generate models and theories that can be directly incorporated into the ETL itself.

EBI's solutions ensure you have the right platform and perfectly formatted data to get the most from IBM SPSS. Totally trustworthy data and analysis which will enable well informed decisions and give you a competitive edge.

IBM InfoSphere

IBM InfoSphere is a class-leading portfolio of software designed to provide a unified, complete and consistent view of data; enable access to structured and unstructured information in real time; discover related data spread across systems and facilitate design of trusted information management.

The software products are grouped under IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management, IBM Data Warehousing solutions and IBM InfoSphere Information Server and Foundation Tools, including the powerful IBM DataStage ETL toolset.

EBI implement, optimise and support IBM Infosphere across a wide range sectors and applications.

IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration

DB2 Blu Acceleration can transform reporting and analytics speeds, simplify database management and reduce overall costs. Through compression, parallel vector processing and data skipping, the answer to a query is retrieved in the most efficient way.

EBI optimise speed in new business intelligence solution deployments and existing systems. Adding BLU Acceleration means dramatically faster performance is possible. BLU Acceleration can be installed and configured quickly, allowing performance gains to be realized almost immediately.

EBI, a Premier IBM Business Partner, are already delivering impressive performance improvements with DB2 BLU Acceleration.

IBM dashDB

IBM dashDB is a high performance Database as a Service data warehousing solution in the cloud. It delivers analytics and insights at super high speed; scales based on business need and ensures enterprise level security and robustness.

dashDB's features enable organisations to rapidly gain competitive advantage. In-memory and in-database technology innovations deliver answers fast. Columnar data stores are optimised for analytics and the cloud enables load-and-go deployment and eliminates capital outlay.

EBI are data warehousing experts. Whether on cloud or on premise EBI ensure this fundamental building block of every BI solution is precisely optimised for business needs.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a secure cloud-based Platform as a Service based on open technologies. It enables rapid development, deployment and management of innovative business applications. Bluemix puts the cloud computing platform responsibility with IBM, reduces internal resource requirements, lowers costs, enables flexible processing capacity and speeds up time to value.

Bluemix offers a multitude of services based on IBM applications such as Cognos and Watson. These can be combined using various languages to produce a diverse range of mobile and web cloud based applications. Bluemix sits on IBM’s proven and ever growing SoftLayer cloud infrastructure.

EBI deploy cloud solutions incorporating IBM Bluemix technologies to precisely deliver enterprise BI solutions.

IBM PureData for Analytics

PureData for Analytics powered by Netezza (PDA) offers the high performance needed to analyse all of an organisation’s data. PDA provides “load and go” simplicity, doesn’t need complex data modelling and is simple to use offering low TCO. With 200 preloaded analytic capabilities plus build your-own queries, the system offers the flexibility to leverage the Big Data opportunity.

With 10X to 100X the performance of traditional custom systems (based on IBM customer reported results), PDA has the speed to provide near real time response to queries.

IBM PDA can complement and extend the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse leveraging existing investments and making it easier and less expensive to add “next generation” capabilities.

EBI are accredited, experienced IBM PureData for Analytics experts.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a cognitive analytics technology that 'processes information more like a human than a computer' and improves its performance through learning. Users can explore data through queries presented in natural language and see answers in a format they understand.

The IBM Watson powered analytics platform, Watson Analytics, is available on a freemium model, with a premium version adding enhanced capabilities for enterprise users.

EBI is a member of the IBM Watson Ecosystem and is working with clients on strategies and projects to exploit the advantages Watson delivers.

MS SQL Server

Storing your data warehouse and information management platform on a database management system with the most fully featured and high functionality technology means speed, availability, security and scalability.

SQL Server delivers high performance and productivity yet is easy to set up and maintain. Avoiding the high overheads of similar systems whilst delivering all the capability you could require.

EBI's consultants have been installing and maintaining SQL Server for clients since the first version launched. Invisible to the business but always high performing and available.


A variety of ETL data management tools are available to extract data from the source system, transform it to align with the way your business thinks and load it into the data platform.

MS SSIS is a powerful, reliable yet flexible tool which handles even the most unusual and complex transformation tasks. It also connects to any data source creating an array of possibilities to gain competitive edge.

EBI are leaders in configuring MS SSIS in the right way to deliver business needs. Clients also benefit from EBI's extensive expertise in creating bespoke modules to perform tasks which provide a unique advantage.


Host your information management and analytics solution with a cloud provider such as Amazon, Microsoft or IBM and you have the fastest, most flexible, highly secure and cost effective platform.

Access securely from anywhere, flex power and performance and leave the maintenance to the provider rather than stretching IT resource. With monthly payments and no capital outlay the cloud is revolutionising how businesses drive data solutions.

With 6 years experience in deploying cloud technology, EBI are experts in capitalising on all the extra benefits. Deploying failover systems globally for ultimate availability, increasing power when required (e.g. overnight ETL) and creating duplicate testing and development environments on demand.


Mobile technology is your opportunity to innovate. Integrate mobile technology into your information management and analytics solution to optimise productivity and deliver a unique competitive advantage.

Gather and access data and engage with employees and customers wherever they are. Enrich data with social, crowd sourced and location based information. Solve business problems and exploit opportunities in increasingly innovative ways.

EBI's mobile development team are experts in integrating highly effective, bespoke iOS, Android and platform neutral applications into data solutions. Using all the power of mobile to create real business benefit and competitive edge.


Build reliable and intuitive bespoke web interfaces to ensure every user gets optimum benefit from your information management and analytics solution. Effective on desktop and mobile, accessible from anywhere.

Enterprise class technologies such as Microsoft .NET provide a robust and secure platform. Contemporary look and feel frameworks like Bootstrap create elegant and easy to use consumerised interfaces that maximise adoption and productivity. Cloud technologies such as Node.js ensure scalable performance.

EBI projects prioritise interface usability and design from the start. Achieving effective two way interaction between users and the information is essential to optimise business benefits.