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Achieve unrivalled advantage from your information management and analytics solution.

Delivering the perfect end-to-end data solution from scratch or picking up the pace on an existing project that is stalling or behind schedule. EBI’s expert business and technical consultancy services will do much more than get you level with your rivals. Every EBI information management and analytics solution is designed to provide clients with a significant and sustainable edge and deliver return on investment, fast.

Information Management

Building a powerful information management platform is your first and fundamental step to achieve significant and sustainable advantage.

Exploiting invaluable analytics, knowledge and insight ultimately depends on gathering, combining and formatting all your data to be a comprehensive, trustworthy, always available, single version of the truth.

EBI’s leading information management expertise will ensure your data is perfectly aligned to the way your business thinks, to achieve your strategy right now and in the future.

Data Warehousing

Have complete confidence your data warehouse is designed and built to deliver your information management and analytics solution, and business needs. Storing your data on a safe, secure, robust, scalable and always accessible platform is fundamental to maximising advantage from your solution and compliance with regulations.

Whether on premise, cloud or hybrid based, EBI will propose and deliver the best solution for your organisation's needs, using best practice principles, technology and techniques to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and business value.

Big Data

Combine new and established technologies, methodologies, tools and techniques in the right way to achieve transformational results. Powerfully blending internal data with social media, web, environmental, government and other available data.

EBI are experts in driving significant advantage and fast return on big data investment. From revealing fresh customer and performance insights which optimise your marketing, to process and operational efficiencies across any part, or your entire organisation.


With the right analytics tools your information management investment will pay back fast, streamlining your operation and building competitive edge.

Delivering the advantages of big data, uncovering patterns and fresh insight in an instant.

EBI tailor the most effective toolset for your needs. Delivering information through elegant reporting, dashboard and collaboration tools. Forming hypothesis using statistical analysis and exploring data through intuitive user experiences. Ultimately building bespoke applications to give you a unique competitive advantage that can never be achieved through ‘off-the shelf’ alone.

Predictive Analytics

With robust historical data and sophisticated statistical models you can explore future outcomes of actions more reliably than ever before. Make the best possible decisions, predict stock requirements, forecast ROI from marketing activity, understand likely customer behaviour.

If you can imagine a future scenario it’s almost always possible to take a view on cause and effect.

EBI’s predictive analytics solutions are designed to maximise your confidence to make informed decisions. More importantly, EBI’s expertise and innovation will give you a unique advantage over your rivals. Combining a total understanding of your business needs and strategy and the right technologies so you can see further.

Business Intelligence

Become a truly information driven enterprise. Develop an ecosystem to solve business problems and exploit opportunities. From optimising internal process and decision making to discovering new insights that drive customer relationships and return on marketing investment.

The best business intelligence solutions combine the key fundamental building blocks, including reports, cubes, dashboards and KPIs with powerful new tools which enhance flexibility, collaboration, usability and guarantee total trust in the data.

EBI's solutions are focussed firmly on meeting business need rather than simply creating a technical showcase. Maximising value to the business, return on investment and competitive advantage by perfectly executing the most appropriate toolsets.


Combine bespoke mobile applications in your information management and analytics solution for the ultimate on-the-move advantage. Gather and access data and engage with employees and customers wherever they are. Enrich data with social, crowd sourced and location based information.

The ever increasing opportunities to turn mobile business intelligence into significant competitive advantage are already being exploited worldwide and the pace will increase exponentially as new techniques and technology race forwards.

Capitalise on EBI’s proven capabilities to tailor powerful and secure bespoke mobile applications to ensure you keep one step ahead.


When off-the-shelf technology can't deliver the advantage you need, a bespoke web application can make any part of your operation quicker and easier. Speeding up activities, improving productivity and driving efficiency, in the office and the field.

Linking seamlessly to the information management platform, an EBI bespoke application creates a two way data flow. Using analytics to give users immediate information and insight. Informing their decisions and actions. Then capturing the results back in the data platform to be accessed by the business.

EBI create highly innovative and robust applications with elegant and easy to use interfaces. Adding a powerful edge to clients' information management solutions. Giving functionality which competitors simply don't have.

EBI Blueprint Project Methodology

Delivering a solution on time, on budget, to the highest standard requires an exceptionally well planned and disciplined project methodology. One that effectively engages stakeholders from both the business and IT.

For over 15 years EBI have developed and refined a unique approach, the EBI Blueprint, which defines a project into discrete and manageable development streams with their own timescales and milestones. From precisely understanding the organisational needs, problems and opportunities to hitting the go live button on a fully tested solution, the EBI Blueprint has it covered.

Whether it's a brand new end to end solution or taking over an existing project and getting it back on track, EBI deliver, every time.

Existing Project Acceleration

For some organisations data projects lose momentum or go off track. There can be many reasons for this but there is always a solution to make it work.

EBI often talk to and are contracted to work with organisations that need to accelerate their projects. The EBI Blueprint project methodology has been adapted to achieve on budget and on time delivery in various situations. Project acceleration has become something of a speciality for EBI.

Client Support

Implementing a powerful information management and analytics solution is just the start. The benefits come from using it to optimum effect in your organisation.

With a UK headquarters and team of consultants always available, EBI not only maximise your solution’s uptime 24x7 but also respond immediately to your users’ questions. Answering them with a technical and business understanding only an EBI consultant can bring.