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Three reasons why Cognos 10.2.2 is really important

Cognos 10.2.2 has benefits and features that make it essential for data professionals to seriously consider. In line with IBM’s shift towards Cloud, faster performance and self service analysis, this version release, the first to be available on Cloud, comes with DB2 BLU Acceleraton, has significant visualisation improvements and incorporates the ability for users to upload and model local data. In all, it promises to deliver a faster, easier and richer BI experience.


The big innovations

1. DB2 BLU Analytics Acceleration – Report against terabytes of data in seconds

Utilising 10.2.2 gives enterprises entitlement to discover the innovations in DB2 10.5 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition. This contains BLU Acceleration, which leverages in-memory processing to significantly improve reporting and analytics speeds, simplifies database management and lowers overall costs.

2. New report templates and innovative visualisations – Fast time to reports and dashboards with more visualisation options to capture insights

This new version saves time by enabling a Cognos report style template to be created once and re-used, simply by pointing other reports at it. There is also a new range of visualisations that can be customised in Report Studio, including Polar Area, Chord, Tornado and Marimekko.

3. My Data Sets – Personal data analysis for line-of-business users

Cognos 10.2.2 enables line-of-business users to quickly upload and easily model personal data sources for end-to-end analysis with My Data Sets. Users can upload CSV, XLS, XLSX files, create reports and dashboards and manage uploaded data files themselves, without IT administrators being involved.


As if these three significant innovations weren’t enough to make version 10.2.2 important, other features include simpler cube creation and sizing, interactive maps for greater geographical insight and live preview of visualisations in Report Studio.

To find out more or for advice on upgrading to 10.2.2 and using BLU Acceleration please talk to an EBI Cognos Specialist. Contact.


Blu Acceleration for Cognos 10.2.2

Report templates in Cognos 10.2.2

Visualisations in Cognos 10.2.2

Personal data analysis with Cognos 10.2.2