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Artificial Intelligence – Our Story

“Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them” – Thomas Watson Jr. EBI Solutions was established in 2001 and since then the team have been responsible for Information Management and Analytics implementations in some of the world’s top companies. Our skills have grown as

The Era of Self-Service BI

Last year, in its Predicts 2015 series Gartner published a report forecasting a power shift in data analysis away from IT and towards business, driven by the need for organisations to make business decisions based on data to win market share. The report reflects the feedback we hear from our clients; BI had once been

What will you achieve with IBM Watson cognitive computing?

In early February IBM claimed that since Watsons beta launch in December over 6,000 applications had already been built ‘infused with Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities’. Even before beta launch there was an almost constant stream of news about IBM’s own tests and how Watson applications are being used in health, medicine and education. The rapidly growing list

EBI’s Crowdy designed to work hand in hand with Watson Analytics

Crowdy is a customer engagement and reward tool developed by business intelligence experts, EBI Solutions. Built on IBM Technology, Crowdy has been designed to work hand in hand with Watson Analytics. Crowdy is being included within IBM’s “A new way to work in the new insight economy” livestream event on 1st April 2015. The Crowdy

IBM Bluemix is fuelling a rapid proliferation of highly innovative business applications

IBM Bluemix is the kind of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that cloud and application developers dream about but of course it’s value to enterprises is what really matters. Business and data professionals are increasingly demanding access to trusted data and effectively configured analytics through mobile and web applications. Productivity and profit focused decision-makers want highly innovative solutions for