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Cognos Analytics: The next generation BI

Towards the end of last year IBM released the latest version of Cognos BI, rebranding it Cognos Analytics. Known for its enterprise scalability and trusted reporting structure, Cognos had built its name as the BI tool that companies ran their business on, but perhaps not where they would turn for building visually appealing dashboards, or

The Era of Self-Service BI

Last year, in its Predicts 2015 series Gartner published a report forecasting a power shift in data analysis away from IT and towards business, driven by the need for organisations to make business decisions based on data to win market share. The report reflects the feedback we hear from our clients; BI had once been

Get a fresh perspective on optimising Cognos BI

Key questions to ask yourself and insights from other Cognos BI users. Could you get more from your Cognos investment? If your answer’s yes, then you aren’t alone. Recent conversations with data professionals from a variety of enterprise organisations reveal increasing pressure to get the most from their Cognos investment across a range of applications.

Three reasons why Cognos 10.2.2 is really important

Cognos 10.2.2 has benefits and features that make it essential for data professionals to seriously consider. In line with IBM’s shift towards Cloud, faster performance and self service analysis, this version release, the first to be available on Cloud, comes with DB2 BLU Acceleraton, has significant visualisation improvements and incorporates the ability for users to