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10 ways to win the ‘big data’ analytics race

Whether you prefer to call it information management and analytics, ‘big data’ or business intelligence, you are likely to be amongst the majority of fast growing and enterprise organisations who have imagined the benefits of becoming a data driven business and entered what we call ‘the big data race’   Of course it’s a race

7 Considerations for Data Warehousing in the Cloud

We recently wrote a post about dashDB, IBM’s data warehouse in the cloud, and have had a number of questions around when to use cloud as a deployment method and what aspects to consider when making the decision. While there are many benefits to cloud data warehousing, cloud deployments may not be the best fit for all

Meet Generation D: Analytically driven organisations winning in the marketplace

Big Data has been under the spotlight for some time and it is becoming increasingly apparent that organisations recognise the opportunity it brings. As data volumes explode, businesses that can derive insight from data will make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage over their peers. In a recent report by the IBM Center for

Cloudy with a chance of insights

Most organisations have already made a significant investment in data warehousing but now face the challenge of modernising in order to incorporate new data sources or analytic capabilities. While the benefits of turning to data in order to make more informed business decisions are well understood, businesses still encounter obstacles. These most commonly include the perception of

PureData System for Analytics – IBM’s affordable enterprise class analytics solution for midsize business

IBM’s PureData System for Analytics N3001 (PDA) gives midsize organisations a fully featured and integrated analytics warehouse appliance at a mid-market price. IBM’s advanced PDA technology combines data warehousing and in-database analytics into an advanced analytics platform. Packaged as a simple and highly powerful appliance, PDA is fast to install, easy to operate, low cost

What is DB2 BLU Acceleration and how does it work?

IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration is a collection of technologies that are seamlessly integrated in DB2 10.5 and above, and can be used by tools such as IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS to provide ‘blazing fast performance for analytical workloads’. With queries being answered 20 or many more times faster, BLU enables instant insight using less processing resource.

IBM Bluemix is fuelling a rapid proliferation of highly innovative business applications

IBM Bluemix is the kind of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that cloud and application developers dream about but of course it’s value to enterprises is what really matters. Business and data professionals are increasingly demanding access to trusted data and effectively configured analytics through mobile and web applications. Productivity and profit focused decision-makers want highly innovative solutions for

IBM Watson Has Landed

You know something important is happening in the world of predictive analytics applications when Big Blue announce a $1bn investment in developing and commercialising their latest technology. At the same time announcing a move to massive new, dedicated premises in New York. IBM Watson, which has been emerging on the tech landscape over the last
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