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Meet Generation D: Analytically driven organisations winning in the marketplace

Big Data has been under the spotlight for some time and it is becoming increasingly apparent that organisations recognise the opportunity it brings. As data volumes explode, businesses that can derive insight from data will make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage over their peers.

In a recent report by the IBM Center for Applied Insight, over 1000 enterprises were surveyed to establish how embedded analytics are in decision making processes and what impact that has on business. A group of front runners was identified, labelled Generation D.

Generation D is characterised as being “data-rich and analytically driven”. They use a range of multi-structured data sources and have reached a high level of analytic maturity in terms of user uptake. These leading enterprises are three times as likely to excel at developing a deep understanding of their customers, and two times as likely to automate processes and decisions based on the insights they gain from analytics. More importantly, Generation D report better results on a number of key performance indicators including:

  • Share of wallet
  • 3-year customer retention
  • Promoter/advocacy scoring
  • 1-year employee retention
  • % of revenue through digital channels

Despite these benefits, only 19% of respondents were identified as having achieved Generation D status suggesting, perhaps, that organisations are struggling to overcome the barriers that lead to enterprise wide adoption of analytics. So the question remains of where to start?

At EBI, we adopt a “start small, plan big” mentality taking a project based, business driven approach to analytic solutions, powered by IBM Cloud Data Services. We recognise the importance of building value into analytics that is widely visible to stakeholders, and focus on growing user uptake. As an IBM Business Partner, we have a wealth of knowledge in IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix. We see Bluemix as the enabler that allows us to help our clients kick start their analytics projects. To talk to us about what your organisation can achieve, or how we can help build the business case for analytics, contact us here.