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IBM Bluemix is fuelling a rapid proliferation of highly innovative business applications

IBM Bluemix is the kind of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that cloud and application developers dream about but of course it’s value to enterprises is what really matters.

Business and data professionals are increasingly demanding access to trusted data and effectively configured analytics through mobile and web applications. Productivity and profit focused decision-makers want highly innovative solutions for combining and presenting new streams of data and analytics that enable faster and better management, reporting and automated action.

Using Bluemix and the rapidly expanding catalogue of services aligned to it, developers are delivering this capability faster and easier than ever before. The range of services are powered by well known names from traditional on-premise software such as DB2 BLU Acceleration and Netezza (DashDB), Cognos (Embeddable Reporting), and IBM® BigInsights™ (IBM Analytics for Hadoop). Along with new IBM offerings such as Watson and Cloundant, they can deliver solutions including analytics, Big Data, social, mobile, data modelling and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Since the Bluemix platform completed beta and became generally available in June 2014, organisations have been experimenting with and capitalising on the new possibilities across a whole spectrum of innovations. There are now Bluemix based applications as diverse as automating first round interviews; increasing wind turbine performance; monitoring and controlling ambient environments in manufacturing facilities and even recording and archiving court room proceedings.

Powered by SoftLayer’s robust cloud infrastructure and configured and run by IBM, Bluemix provides developers with all the cloud-power they need to rapidly build, manage and run secure business apps of all types, including web, mobile, Big Data, and smart devices. With hundreds of services, platforms and tools available from IBM and multiple partner organisations, it’s no longer necessary to spend significant time and resources on configuring infrastructure and multiple software licenses. This means faster and potentially lower cost development of apps and the ability to quickly test and respond to changing market, operational or data needs.

Depending on the business needs, Bluemix enables services to be easily connected and integrated in the cloud. There are solution options for almost every task. These range from large scale services to access huge volumes of data and run datasets, to services that organise and mine data as specific as email campaign response.

Behind-the-scenes Bluemix is reaching out into everyones lives. In October IBM announced the IBM Internet of Things Foundation, enabling collection of data and insight from the billions of Internet-connected devices.

IBM Internet of Things Foundation

IBM Internet of Things Foundation an integral part of IBM Bluemix. It makes it quick and easy for developers to collect data from sensors, chips, controllers or RFID tags in Internet-connected devices and build analytics applications to collect the data and send real-time insights back to the business.

For a business this means an incredible new source of actionable data. For example, remotely monitoring real-time diagnostics about the performance of industrial equipment or engines and predicting maintenance requirements; monitoring, controlling and invoicing power usage in homes and offices and tracking and monitoring the condition of goods in transit. Insurance companies will provide pay-as-you-go insurance and vehicle manufacturers have the ability to provide new connected services such as fault monitoring.

The Bluemix story is only just beginning. The speed at which the platform enables new data sources and applications to be developed is already fuelling a vast array of new ideas. In the near future, whether people know it or not, Bluemix will be playing a part in almost everybody’s lives.

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