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IBM Watson Analytics beta goes live to the public

IBM announced today that Watson Analytics is available in beta to the general public.

IBM Watson is a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive analytics service. Watson became famous for winning the US game show Jeopardy and now promises to provide businesses with instant access to powerful new predictive and visual analytic tools.

Watson has the capability to automate what were time-consuming tasks such as data preparation and predictive analysis so that business professionals will now begin to access ‘visual storytelling’ about all aspects of their business in a far more intuitive way.

The cloud-based freemium service will enable business users to access Watson Analytics from any desktop or mobile device. Users will be able to ask Watson for answers and advice on business performance and predictions in familiar business terms and access data in an easy to understand way.

Depending on the business need and application, business users across various functions will, according to IBM, be able to ‘quickly source data, cleanse and refine it, discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, create reports and dashboards and explain results in familiar business terms’. For all users, including marketing, sales, HR, production, manufacturing, logistics and business leaders, Watson promises to transform the way we work.

Of course IBM have a significant Watson support network and resource available. The website at www.watsonanalytics.com provides more detail.

At EBI we are fully embracing the possibilities of Watson for our clients, working closely with the UK Watson team. If you have any questions about Watson please contact us.