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IBM PureData ‘Mini Appliance’ – Advanced business analytics for mid-size organisations

IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001-001 (PDA) gives mid-size businesses access to an enterprise class, all in one, easy-to-manage analytics solution at an affordable price. As a load and go package the PDA ‘Mini Appliance’ can be set up and begin to deliver ROI in a matter of hours.

This low cost of ownership solution enables medium size organisations to realise the full value of their data in gaining competitive advantage and driving growth. Including increasing sales, building customer loyalty and improving operational efficiency.

From basic reporting to advanced analytics IBM PureData System for Analytics has all the capacity and capability a mid-size business will need. Effectively measuring and monitoring financial and operational performance, predicting outcomes and making informed decisions, fast.

Discover rich data analytics capabilities

Affectionately known as the ‘Mini Appliance’ PDA’s features and capabilities are far from limited. The integrated server, database, storage and analytics share the same principles as the rest of the IBM PureData System for Analytics family.

     Simple – ‘Load and go, with no tuning or administration and automated service capability’

     Smart – ‘Rich set of in-database analytics functions with starter kits for big data and business intelligence’

     Fast – ‘High performance to unlock data’s true potential, rapid development and time to value’

     Secure – ‘Self-encrypting drives for advanced security, protecting sensitive data’

To achieve performance with simplicity, IBM PureData ‘Mini Appliance’ is packed with an impressive range of features and capabilities.

  • Big data ready, capable of storing and processing 16 terabytes of data
  • Enterprise class, highly available, fully redundant components with integrated support
  • Pre-configured and pre-tuned at the factory, ready to install in an existing data centre rack
  • Integration with existing applications without additional software
  • In database analytics functions and tools enabling data preparation, predictive analytics, geospatial analytics and advanced statistics
  • Minimum on-going administration and elimination of complex database management tasks such as defining and optimising indexes and manually administering storage
  • Secure storage on standard, cost efficient SATA self encrypting drives (SED)
  • ‘Analytics at the speed of thought’, powered by full function Netezza Platform Software (NPS) 7.2
  • Full integration with tools for business intelligence and visualisation
  • Big data software entitlements to create a complete information management solution:
    • Cognos Business Intelligence software – including enterprise reports and dashboards
    • InfoSphere DataStage and InfoSphere Data Click – for data integration
    • InfoSphere BigInsights – enables Hadoop data services for complex, large scale projects
    • InfoSphere Streams – real-time analytics, streaming data in motion including scheduling, load balancing and high availability

With such a high performance and high value appliance it’s not surprising that a rapidly growing number of medium size companies are investing in IBM PureData to transform their analytics capabilities.

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