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Honest Café teams up with IBM Business Partner to discover customer insight using IBM Watson Analytics

Start-up brand, Honest Café and IBM Business Partner, EBI have used IBM Watson Analytics to explore the profile and behaviour of customers. This has enabled marketing activity to be precisely targeted at the ‘ideal customer’ and for product ranges to be refined.

The project is amongst the early commercial applications for IBM Watson Analytics in the UK and has therefore become somewhat of a case study for IBM. Honest Café and IBM Business Partner EBI, appeared alongside IBM at IBM’s “A new way to work in the new insight economy” livestream event on 1st April 2015 and will be again at IBM Analytics Live on 2 July 2015.

Honest Café is a new concept from Revive Vending, with unmanned coffee shops serving a range of healthy and organic foods and juices and fair trade coffee from high-end vending machines. A further four outlets will be launching soon.

Whilst the latest vending technology enables the unmanned environment to work for customers and deliver business efficiency, it also creates a challenge. There is no human interaction to observe and learn what customers want and how they behave. However, the vending machines capture data and that’s where EBI and Watson Analytics come in.

As a business intelligence consultancy and IBM Business Partner, EBI recognise the emerging importance of cognitive computing technology. They are part of the Watson Ecosystem and are working closely with IBM to pioneer developments in the UK.

Using Watson Analytics, EBI and Honest Café were able to discover customer insight such as the different spending patterns and behaviours of customers who sit and enjoy their drink and snack with friends and those who grab a coffee on the go. They now automatically deliver specific promotions at certain times of day to appeal to different groups.

To further improve customer insight and marketing effectiveness the team is working on integrating relevant Twitter, weather and servicing data into Watson Analytics.

EBI are working on a variety of projects using Watson and Watson Analytics. To discover more get in touch.