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Is your BI application software up to date? – Improve usability, security and performance

Business needs change, technology advances and competitors catch up. The following are three issues you may be experiencing if you have outdated enterprise application software. If so, updating could be vital.

Usability – improve user experience with up-to-date software and user interfaces

Ensuring users can derive the most value from your application is dependent on how effectively it integrates with other systems across your organisation and the actual user experience. With changes in other systems, new user requirements and advances in technology, including user interface developments, a BI application can soon become outdated.

Employees want to use high performance business apps on their PC, tablets and phones, just as they do with their consumer apps. Enterprises need to deliver this capability. Good design principles, effective workflow and proper integration will enable the applications work for users, including avoidance of workflow inefficiencies such as the need for double entry or look up in one system and update in another.

Security – increase security with latest software and authentication

Protecting data, compliance with privacy law and handling payments securely are major issues for all enterprises, especially with the exponential growth in data volume and more sophisticated threats. Technological advances in security offer robust solutions. However, there are still applications being used that have fallen behind, particularly where they are not web optimised or are out of support, meaning important security updates are unavailable.

The single most important security principle is ensuring that the operating system and software is up to date. There are also sophisticated authentication and authorisation developments which enterprises need to adopt. Single Sign On capabilities help to protect systems by reducing the number of usernames and passwords a user must remember, encouraging strong passwords to be used.

Technology performance – accelerate BI with fully supported technology

Ever improving technologies, including Cloud and web rather than client deployment, mean that every application should be easy to use, scalable to support any number of users, process large volumes of data quickly and integrate with mobile where required. Older enterprise applications may not be using the latest technologies to achieve this. In fact, they may even employ technologies that are no longer supported, such as some .Net, Windows (OS) and database versions.  In some cases browsers required may no longer be supported.

Out of support technologies hold enterprises back. For example being unable to implement a new idea because of a requirement to keep an old browser or operating system. New technologies can open the door to further creativity and innovation, providing a fully connected platform upon which to build rather than maintain.

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